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Verkoper: Top-Rated Seller advplans (16.389) 99.6%, Objectlocatie: McMinnville, Tennessee, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 400831398629 Classic Archives Listing Please visit our About page for more information about us and our products! Antique Radio Serviceman's Repair Courses The Complete Home Study Library Included: 363 Total Vintage Radio Repair Courses and Guides Included: National Radio Institute Courses Included: Vintage RCA Courses Included: Reference Textbooks and Manuals on Radio Theory, Electronics, and Electricity The best selling and largest Vintage Radio Service Library on one easy to use DVD! A must have resource for anyone interested in working on vintage radios! Neatly organized titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD. Additional Disks We Offer: Educational DVD's: Click Here Vintage Magazines: Click Here Don't be fooled by inferior collections. Our collection remains the largest and most complete collection available on one disk online! (SAMPLE VIEWS) All books are PDF format, for easy reading and printing. Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online). This DVD contains a reference library of guides, manuals, and courses on working on vintage radios. A total of 363 publications are included. While other collections only offer you one of the following course subjects, we offer them all on this DVD: National Radio Institute - 1948 - How To Make Money Fixing Radios National Radio Institute - 1949 - Radio Serviceman's Repair Course RCA Radio Course - 1930 RCA Radio Course - 1958 Sprayberry Academy of Radio Basic Electricity and Radio Reference Books Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity NEETS, Electricity and Electronics 24 Volume Series The National Radio Institute was a private post-secondary correspondence school based in Washington, D.C. NRI was founded by James E. Smith, a high school teacher, in 1914. In the 1940's it was considered the best school in its field and it issued a 90 volume course teaching radio repair and service. The course material was broken into 2 parts, encompassing over 2500 pages. The first 35 manuals cover How to Make Money Fixing Radios, will the remaining 55 manuals issued the following year cover technical course material. We have included the full collection. National Radio Institute - 1948 - How To Make Money Fixing Radios: No. 1 - How Radio Receivers Are Serviced No. 2 - How To Use Radio Tools No. 3 - Equipment Used by Servicemen No. 4 - How To Remove and Overhaul the Chassis No. 5 - How To Restring Dial Cords and Set Push Buttons No. 6 - How To Test and Replace Resistors and Volume Controls No. 7 - How To Test and Replace Condensers No. 8 - How To Test Tubes No. 9 - How To Test and Replace Coils, Chokes, and Transformers No. 10 - How To Test and Repair Loudspeakers No. 11 - How To Inspect a Chassis for Surface Defects No. 12 - How To Put Up Antennas No. 13 - How To Repair Marred Radio Cabinets No. 14 - How To Start a Spare-Time Service Business No. 15 - How Much To Charge for Your Work No. 16 - How To Plan a Professional Workshop No. 17 - How Professional Servicemen Repair Receivers No. 18 - How Circuit Diagrams Are Used in Servicing No. 19 - How To Find the Defective Part with an Ohmmeter No. 20 - How To Find the Defective Part with a Voltmeter No. 21 - How To Fix a Dead Receiver No. 22 - How To Fix a Receiver That Hums No. 23 - How To Fix a Receiver That Squeals and Motorboats No. 24 - How To Fix a Noisy Receiver No. 25 - How To Fix a Receiver That Distorts No. 26 - How To Align Simple One-Band Receivers No. 27 - How To Align All-Wave Superheterodynes No. 28 - How To Fix a Weak Receiver No. 29 - How To Fix an Intermittent Receiver No. 30 - How To Service A.C.-D.C. Receivers No. 31 - How To Service Three-Way Portable and Battery Receivers No. 32 - How To Service Auto Receivers No. 33 - Recognizing Complaints Not Caused by Receiver Defects No. 34 - How To Service F.M. Receivers No. 35 - How To Go into Full-Time Servicing National Radio Institute - 1949 - Radio Serviceman's Repair Course Vol 1- Introduction to Radio Vol 2 - How Radio Programs Are Sent From The Studio To Your Home Vol 3 - Simple Radio Circuits And Meters Vol 4 - Getting Acquainted With Receiver Servicing Vol 5 - Radio Resistors And How They Are Used Vol 6 - Radio Coils And How They Work Vol 7 - Radio Condensers And How They Work Vol 8 - How Radio And Electronic Tubes Work Vol 9 - How Tuned Circuits Function - Coupling Radio Circuits Vol 10 - How Tubes Work In Typical Radio Stages Vol 11 - How Iron-Core Coils And Transformers Operate In Radio Circuits Vol 12 - How Operating Voltages Are Obtained From An A.C. Power Line Vol 13 - Special Power Supplies For Radio Equipment Vol 14 - How Sounds And Scenes Are Converted Into And Reproduced From Electrical Signals Vol 15 - Low-Frequency Amplifiers For Sound And Television Receivers Vol 16 - Radio Frequency Amplifiers For Sound And Television Communication Vol 17 - How Detectors Work In Radio And Television Receivers Vol 18 - How Practical Requirements Changed Receiver Circuits Vol 19 - Manual And Automatic Volume Controls Vol 20 - How Signal Currents Are Kept In Correct Paths Vol 21 - The Vacuum Tube As An A.C. Generator In Radio-Television Circuits Vol 22 - Peak And Band-Pass R.F. Tuning Circuits Vol 23 - How Broadcast, All-Wave, And Television Superheterodyne Receivers Work Vol 24 - Tone Control, Volume Expansion And Noise Limiting Circuits Vol 25 - Light-Sensitive Cells For Control Circuits Vol 26 - How Sound Reproducers Operate Vol 27 - How Cone-Type Loudspeakers Work Vol 28 - Current, Voltage And Resistance Measurements Vol 29 - Vacuum Tube Voltmeters - Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes Vol 30 - Measurements At Audio And Radio Frequencies Vol 31 - Tuning Indicators And Automatic Frequency Controls For Radio Receivers Vol 32 - How To Use Circuit Diagrams And Locate Chassis Parts Vol 33 - Behavior Of Radio Waves And Receiving Antennas Vol 34 - Frequency-Modulated Signals - The F.M. Receiver Vol 35 - Automatic Tuning Control Systems Vol 36 - Professional Radio Servicing Techniques Vol 37 - How To Isolate The Defective Section And Stage Vol 38 - How To Isolate The Defective Circuit And Part Vol 39 - Tuning Circuit Troubles - Alignment Vol 40 - Using The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope In Radio Servicing Vol 41 - How To Eliminate Hum, Squeals And Motorboating Vol 42 - How To Eliminate Distortion - Servicing Loudspeakers Vol 43 - Servicing Noisy And Intermittent Receivers Vol 44 - Installation And Service Of Auto Radios And Farm Receivers Vol 45 - Receiver Revitalization - Tube Testers Vol 46 - How To Eliminate Man-Made Interference Vol 47 - How To Choose And Install Replacement Parts Vol 48 - Servicing Record Changers Vol 49 - Introduction To Public Address Vol 50 - Acoustics In Public Address Work Vol 51 - P.A. Transmission Systems Vol 52 - Commercial P.A. Systems Vol 53 - Special P.A. Systems Vol 54 - Maintenance Of P.A. Systems Vol 55 - Requirements Of A Television System Included are also 2 separate courses issued by RCA, in 1930, and then again in 1958, teaching the fundamental basics of radio repair, as well as the theory and science behind it. 1930 - RCA Radio Course Forward - Introduction to Radio Index - RCA Radio Course Instructions - Definitions - Schematics Lesson 1 - Mathematics Lesson 2 - Units Of Electrical Measurements And Symbols Lesson 3 - The Electron Theory - Substance And Matter - Static Electriciy Lesson 4 - Magnetism Lesson 5 - Electromagnetism - Electromagnetic Induction Lesson 6 - Primary Cells Lesson 7 - Resistance And Conduction Lesson 8 - Electrical Circuits Lesson 9 - D.C. Motors Lesson 10 - D.C. Generators Lesson 11 - A.C. Current Lesson 12 - The Motor-Generator Lesson 13 - Power Transformers Lesson 14 - Inductance Lesson 15 - Capacity Lesson 16 - The Storage Or Secondary Battery Lesson 17 - The Use Of Storage Batteries On Shipboard Lesson 18 - Meters Lesson 19 - Graphs Lesson 20 - Sound Lesson 21 - Electromagnetic Waves Lesson 22 - Fundamentals Of Radio Reception Lesson 23 - Vacuum Tubes Lesson 24 - Characteristic Curves Lesson 25 - The Oscillatory Circuit Lesson 26 - Mid-Term Examination Lesson 27 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 28 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 29 - Audio Amplifier Circuits Lesson 30 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 31 - Regenerative Detector With Capacitive Control Of Feed-Back Lesson 32 - Practical Considerations For The Design Of Screen-Grid Receivers Lesson 33 - Construction Details Of The RCA Institutes AC Screen-Grid Receiver Lesson 33A - Building The Battery-Operated Screen-Grid Receiver Lesson 34 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 35 - Common Faults And Troubles Lesson 36 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 37 - The Development Of The Super-Heterodyne Lesson 38 - Principles And Use Of Test Equipment For Servicing Radio Receivers Lesson 39 - Instruments Used In Servicing Radio Receivers Lesson 40 - Instruments Used In Radio Servicing And Principles Of Set Testing Lesson 41 - Balanced Armatur Loud Speakers Lesson 42 - The Electro-Dynamic Speaker Lesson 43 - Radiola 28, AC Operated Lesson 44 - Victor Micro-Synchronous Radio Lesson 45 - GE H-31 - Westinghouse WR-5 - Radiola 80 - Graybar 700 Lesson 46 - GE H-51, H-71 - Westinghouse WR-6, WR-7 - Radiola 82, 86 - Graybar Models 770, 900 Lesson 47 - Crosley R.F.L. 90 - Zenith 17 Lesson 48 - Practical Radio Construction Lesson 49 - Radio Retailing - Salesmanship.pdf Lesson 50 - Grebe - Battery and AC Receivers Lesson 51 - Battery Eliminators Lesson 52 - Practical Radio Circuits - Part I Lesson 53 - Tuned R-F Circuits Lesson 54 - Tuned R-F And Super-Heterodyne Receivers Lesson 55 - Interference Elimination Lesson 56 - Commercial Long And Short Wave Receivers Lesson 57 - Spark Transmission Lesson 58 - Arc Transmitters Lesson 59 - Radio Aviation Equipment Lesson 59A - Aviation Equipment For Two-Way Communication Lesson 60 - Vacuum Tubes Used In Transmitting Lesson 61 - Commercial Tube Transmitters.pdf Lesson 62 - Vacuum Tube Transmitters Lesson 63 - Short Wave Transmitters Lesson 64 - Short Wave (High Frequency) Receivers Lesson 65 - Television - Part I Lesson 66 - Television - Part II Lesson 67 - Photoradiograms - Beam Transmission (missing pages) Lesson 68 - Broadcast Transmitters Lesson 69 - Radio Direction Finder or Radio Compass Lesson 70 - Sound Motion Pictures Lesson 71 - Sound Motion Pictures and Sound Reproducing Equipment Supplementary Instruction 1958 - RCA Radio Course Index to Electronic Fundamentals Study Group 1, Electronic Fundamentals How To Study - Effectively Service Practices 1: How To Identify Receiver Parts Service Practices 2: How To Use Tools Theory Lesson 1: Wave Motion and Communication Experiment Lesson 1: How To Solder Theory Lesson 2: Schematic Symbols and How to Use Them Experiment Lesson 2: How to Do Advanced Soldering Study Group 2, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 3: How to Identify Radio and TV Hardware Service Practices 4: How to Install a Radio Receiver Theory Lesson 3: How to Use Color Codes Experiment Lesson 3: Starting the Multimeter Assembly Theory Lesson 4: Electron Theory and Current Experiment Lesson 4: Electrostatic Experiments Study Group 3, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 5, How to Erect Antennas Service Practices 6, How to Repair and Polish Cabinets Theory Lesson 5, Ohm's Law and Primary Cells Experiment Lesson 5, Continuing the Multimeter Assembly Theory Lesson 6, Secondary Cells Experiment Lesson 6, Experiments with Cells Study Group 4, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 7, How to Read Meters Service Practices 8, How to Understand Meter Readings Theory Lesson 7, Resistance Experiment Lesson 7, Meter Assembly and Measurement of DC Theory Lesson 8, DC Circuits Experiment Lesson 8, Resistance Measurements Study Group 5, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 9, How to Remove Chassis and Locate Simple Defects Service Practices 10, How to Test Tubes Theory Lesson 9, Power and Voltage Division Experiment Lesson 9, Power Measurement Theory Lesson 10, Magnetism and Electromagnetism Experiment Lesson 10, Magnetic Experiments Study Group 6, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 11, Dial Cords and Tuning Systems Service Practices 12, Battery and Three-Way Portable Receivers Theory Lession 11, D-C Meter Theory Experiment Lesson 11, Calculation of Meter Multipliers and Shunts Theory Lesson 12, D-C and A-C Generators Experiment Lesson 12, Meter Assembly and A-C Measurements Study Group 7, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 13, How To Test Resistors Service Practices 14, How To Test Inductors Theory Lesson 13, Alternating Current Experiment Lesson 13, Generator and Transformer Experiments Theory Lesson 14, Inductance Experiment Lesson 14, Inductance Experiments Study Group 8, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 15, How To Test Capacitors New! Service Practices 16, How To Use Catalogs and Service Data New! Theory Lesson 15, Capacitance New! Experiment Lesson 15, Capacitance Experiments New! Theory Lesson 16, AC Circuits New! Experiment Lesson 16, Resonance Experiments New! Study Group 9, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 17, Servicing When Receiver Is Not At Fault New! Service Practices 18, Circuit Tracing New! Theory Lesson 17, Rectification Experiment Lesson 17, Rectification Experiments Theory Lesson 18, Basic Filters and Time Constants Experiment Lesson 18, Filter Experiments Study Group 10, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 19, How To Troubleshoot A Radio Receiver Service Practices 20, Special Tools Theory Lesson 19, Triodes, Multigrids, and Multipurpose Tubes Experiment Lesson 19, Triode Experiments Theory Lesson 20, Power Supplies I Experiment Lesson 20, Signal Generator Assembly I Study Group 11, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 21, Checking And Servicing Switches Service Practices 22, Phono And Recorder Motors Theory Lesson 21, Power Supplies II Experiment Lesson 21, Signal Generator Assembly II Theory Lesson 22, Electron Tube Constants Experiment Lesson 22, Electron Tube Experiments Study Group 12, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 23, Tape Recorders Service Practices 24, Phono Players And Pickups Theory Lesson 23, Voltage Amplifiers Experiment Lesson 23, Voltage-Amplifier Experiments Theory Lesson 24, Audio-Power Amplification Experiment Lesson 24, Power-Amplifier Experiments Study Group 13, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 25, Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter Service Practices 26, Microphones And Loudspeakers Theory Lesson 25, Bias Methods and Basic Audio-Amplifier Design Experiment Lesson 25, Bias Experiments Theory Lesson 26, Decibels, Microphones, and Loudspeakers Experiment Lesson 26, Impedance-Matching Experiments Study Group 14, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 27, Public Address Systems I Service Practices 28, Public Address Systems II Theory Lesson 27, Detector Circuits Experiment Lesson 27, Detector Experiments Theory Lesson 28, TRF Receivers Experiment Lesson 28, Radio-Frequency Experiments Study Group 15, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 29, Transistor Fundamentals Service Practices 30, Transistor Applications Theory Lesson 29, Principles of Superheterodyne Receivers Experiment Lesson 29, I-F Amplifier Experiments Theory Lesson 30, Oscillators Experiment Lesson 30, Oscillator Experiments Study Group 16, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 31, AM And FM Signal Generators Service Practices 32, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope I Theory Lesson 31, Frequency Conversion Experiment Lesson 31, Frequency-Conversion Experiments Theory Lesson 32, Wave Propagation and Antennas Experiment Lesson 32, R-F Stage, Antenna and Shielding Experiments Study Group 17, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 33, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope II Service Practices 34, High-Fidelity Theory Lesson 33, Multiband and Commercial Receivers Experiment Lesson 33, Alignment of Superheterodyne Receivers Theory Lesson 34, Volume and Tone Control Circuits Experiment Lesson 34, Decibel Measurement Experiments Study Group 18, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 35, How to Check for Hum New! Service Practices 36, Using The Signal Generator and Signal Tracer To Troubleshoot New! Theory Lesson 35, Special Circuits Experiment Lesson 35, Volume and Tone Control Experiments Theory Lesson 36, Principles of Frequency Modulation Experiment Lesson 36, Bandwidth Experiments Study Group 19, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 37, Installing And Servicing Auto Radios Service Practices 38, FM Receivers Theory Lesson 37, FM Detectors Experiment Lesson 37, Troubleshooting Experiments I Theory Lesson 38, Introduction to Television Experiment Lesson 38, Troubleshooting Experiments II Study Group 20, Electronic Fundamentals Service Practices 39, Printed Circuits Service Practices 40, Practical Television Antennas and Transmission Lines Theory Lesson 39, Principles of Television Receivers Experiment Lesson 39, Troubleshooting Experiments III Theory Lesson 40, Principles of Color Television Experiment Lesson 40, Troubleshooting Experiments IV Sprayberry Academy was a Radio School in the 1930's and 40's in Chicago. In 1945, they published their own radio course. Some Lessons (7, 8, 9, 10, 14, and 33) are missing from this set. 1945 - Sprayberry Academy of Radio Lesson ND-1, Introduction To Radio's First Principles Lesson ND-2, The Two Basic Forms Of Electricity Lesson ND-3, How Lines Of Force Are Applied In Radio And Television Lesson ND-4, The Elements Of Radio Transmission And Reception * Lesson ND-5, How To Read Radio Diagrams And Symbols Lesson ND-6, Resistance As A Property Of All Electrical Circuits Lesson ND-11, Fundamentals Of Radio Tubes - Rectifier Circuits * Lesson ND-12, Rectifier Tubes - Tube Standards And Ratings Lesson ND-13, How A Radio Tube Makes A Weak Signal Stronger Lesson ND-15, Amplification At Low Frequencies Lesson ND-16, Types Of A.F. Amplifiers, Amplifier Classes Lesson ND-17, How An R.F. Signal Is Demodulated, Detected, Rectified, Etc. Lesson ND-18, Speakers For Radio Lesson ND-19, Power Transformers For Radio Lesson ND-20, Choke Coils - Filter Systems and Voltage Dividers Lesson ND-21, A Six Color Story of the Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver * Lesson ND-22, The Superheterodyne Receiver Lesson ND-23, Superheterodyne Oscillator Tracking and Super Control Tubes Lesson ND-24, How Superheterodyne Circuits Are Made To Reject Unwanted Signals Lesson ND-25, Automatic Volume or Sensitivity Controls Lesson ND-26, Six Color Story of the Superheterodyne with AVC Lesson ND-27, Improvements Which Simplify Receiver Operation and Decibels Lesson ND-28, Multiple Band Receivers Lesson ND-29, Microphones and Phonograph Pick-Up Units Lesson ND-30, Transmission Lines, Pads and Attenuators Lesson ND-31, Public Address or AF Sound Systems Lesson ND-32, How Sound Is Employed In the Movies Lesson 7X1, Radio Construction and Repair Work Lesson 7X2, Radio Construction and Repair Work Lesson 7X3, Radio Construction and Repair Work Other Electrical and Radio Textbooks and Reference Material Included: Advanced Antenna Theory, by Sergei Schelkunoff, 1952, 216 pages Basic Electricity, US Dept of the Navy, 1977, 503 pages Basic Theory and Application of Electron Tubes, Dept of the Army, 1952, 229 pages Communications Jamming Handbook, Army Field Manual, 77 pages Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Handbook, Navy Field Manual, 299 pages Elements of Electricity, A Practical Discussion, by Robert Millikan, 1917, 262 pages Introduction to Radio Direction Finding, by The US Army Intelligence Center, 53 pages Practical Radio Communication, by Arther Nilson, 1943, 973 pages Principles of Automotive Electricity, by the Army Correspondence Course Program, 1991, 112 pages Principles of Radio Wave Propagation, by J.A. Fleming, 1906, 711 pages Radio Electronics, A Textbook by Samual Seely, 1956, 493 pages Radio Operator Handbook, Department of the Navy, 1999, 148 pages Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity, A General Reference Manual Series on all things Electrical, 7 Volumes, (1916), 3,500 Total Combined Pages Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series, 24 Volumes: Module 1, Introduction to Matter, Energy, and Direct Current, Batteries, and Electricity Module 2, Introduction to Alternating Current and Transformers Module 3, Introduction to Circuit Protection, Control, and Measurement Module 4, Introduction to Electrical Conductors, Wiring Techniques, and Schematic Reading Module 5, Introduction to Generators and Motors Module 6, Introduction to Electronic Emission, Tubes, and Power Supplies Module 7, Introduction to Solid-State Devices and Power Supplies Module 8, Introduction to Amplifiers. Module 9, Introduction to Wave-Generation and Wave-Shaping Circuits. Module 10, Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas Module 11, Microwave Principles Module 12, Modulation Principles Module 13, Introduction to Number Systems and Logic Circuits Module 14, Introduction to Microelectronics Module 15, Principles of Synchros, Servos, and Gyros Module 16, Introduction to Test Equipment Module 17, Radio-Frequency Communications Principles Module 18, Radar Principles, covers the fundamentals of a radar system. Module 19, The Technician's Handbook. Module 20, Master Glossary Module 21, Test Methods and Practices Module 23, Magnetic Recording Module 24, Introduction to Fiber Optics Make sure you check out our other listings. Our library is ever expanding. Overall, we believe our product provides the best value out there. We provide more for less! Catalog Number and disclaimer Catalog #TCA-B75 If you purchase another item with this same catalog number, you will get two identical items. We are the owner and creator of this disk, and we have full distribution rights to this item. Distribution rights are non-transferable. This disk is our creation, and we participate in eBay's Vero Program. Each disk is shipped in a plain mailer with no case. Comments from happy customers who bought many other of our items from our vast catalog: In 1959 I purchased an original home built “Thing” and ran it for several years on the Willamette River. Years later it got rotten and subsequently discarded. Now the Son of the man who originally built it from the magazine plans in his wood shop in Milwaukie, Oregon works with me and he helped his Dad build it in 1958. We decided to search for the plans and if we found them; I (an engineer) would upgrade it for two adults and build it. I bought your disk and building started last May 25 and it was ready to launch July 20th. You are welcome to use the photos and my “title” as a former white water guild; River Rat Bob from Oregon. Hope you enjoy the pictures attached. I am 60 years old but still chasing the dream as you see from my smile in the boat. Thank you for the great plans. Unbelievable amount of information for the money. I can't wait to get started. -Jeff D., New Mexico. I built the doghouse using the plans I purchased from you a week ago, and it was great. Easy to read and follow, it was a great purchase. The kids helped, and the dog just loves it. Thank you so much. It'll take years to go through all the stuff I want to build on your CD. Andrew H., Colorado. The jungle gym for the kids is amazing. We bought the plans 2 weeks ago, and built the whole thing last weekend. We are so impressed with the amount of information shown. It is a virtual encyclopedia of plans. Thanks. Josh L., New Mexico. My God!! That's more boats than I can build in a lifetime! Unbelievable! The best I have ever seen. Thank you! Craig J., South Carolina. I've seen plenty of plans on boats. This is the best all around package of information I've come across. Jake M., Florida. This has saved me so much time. I've spent weeks looking for stuff like this. Well worth the few bucks to get this CD. Jimmy K., Arkansas. I bought a CD a few weeks ago that had a bunch of links and junk on it that was ripped off from websites and other useless information. I thought long and hard before trying again and buying from you. I can actually use this stuff. I'm so glad I did. A.K., Arizona. Frequently Asked Questions: Why should I buy from you? There are lots of places to buy similar stuff on ebay. What makes you so special? What separates us from the rest is that we want you to be happy. If you're happy, you'll buy from us again and tell your friends. Getting one sale from you is great, but we want the next sale from you and the next one after that. It isn't worth a few bucks to us to have one unhappy customer. If you are unhappy, tell us and let us try to fix the problem. 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